Life-long resident on Minnesota, artist Stephanie Michaud has always embraced the beauty of animals and they make up the subjects of almost all of her work.

Stephanie received a B.F.A. from the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul MN in 1992. From there, she went on to be a graphic designer and art director until shortly after she had her first child in 2000 when she struck out on her own to do her art. After a dozen or so years, she finally found the love of her artistic life, CLAY! Even though her college was a 100% visual arts college, they didn't have a ceramics instructor at the time when she was there so she never got to dabble in it. Upon just trying it on a while since she had a small kiln she had purchased to do enamels, she was completely and utterly in love w/ manipulating clay. 

Now, she's been working in it for just a short while, but looks forward to where it takes her and finding her true voice in it. She hopes you enjoy the fruits of her labor.